Virtual Maker - Create 3D/VR interactive scenes in your browser (no code)

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a new way to create 3D/VR scenes fully in the browser called Virtual Maker. Users can drop 3D models, images, text, lights, and more to quickly create a scene which can be published instantly on across desktop, mobile, and VR. All of this is powered by BabylonJS and Svelte under the hood, so a big thank you to the developers and to the community which answered my questions :slight_smile:

Virtual Maker is free to use for the first GB of storage, and no account is needed to try it out. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


Nice work @afarchy ! Coincidentally I actually just saw Virtual Maker mentioned in the Svelte blog community showcase. Svelte + Babylon - what a great combo!

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cc @PirateJC FYI:)

@afarchy I LOVE Virtual Maker!!!

For anyone who’s eagle-eyed, we got a tiny glimpse of it in the Babylon.js 5.0 Release Video.

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This is pretty awesome!

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INCREDIBLE! Can I say how much I love that lots of the projects developed by the community aim to make 3D more accessible to everyone - we all have a common goal in mind! :heart: :two_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I played a bit on the site and love how the controls are pretty intuitive, and the integration with Sketchbox so seamless. Makes it building stuff a lot of fun! I tried making a little house plan test - Virtual Maker :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for trying it out! The TV remote on the couch is a nice touch :slight_smile:

Is there anything you feel should be improved?

Hmmm two things come to mind, one would be an improvement and another seems to be a bug?

  1. I’d like to be able to see the “cone of light” defined by the spot light - currently there’s this small yellow indicator which is good for moving it around generally on the scene, but a more defined cone (with radius and range) is good for more fine-tuned control.

  2. If I start loading a model from Sketchfab, then manipulate another model on the scene, once the Sketchfab model is loaded, it seems to be applying its coordinates to the other model. I would expect that the loading process wouldn’t interfere with what’s already on the scene (sorry for the two part gif I ended the recording before I was supposed to :sweat_smile: ).


That aside, I really really like this! I’ll try to use it more (especially on the phone since I haven’t tried viewing a scene in VR yet, just editing) and give you feedback if you’d like :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into both issues. If you have any other feedback it would definitely be appreciated. If you do try it in VR, I suggest setting everything to Grab Enabled, just for fun :slight_smile:


Just following up - I fixed the bug on spawning models and added a visual cone to the spotlight. Thanks again for the feedback!

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