Visual representation of the Babylon Shader

Is there any visual representation of the Babylon Shader.
Like the one here from Blender or Maya?


This would help to get Artists started what is possilbe and what is exportable.
Artists brains do not work without images.

If not is there a list of all features?
The best one is this here right.?

Raw list of all features is on the API:

Visualizing exportable channels from 3D modeler could be (in theory) seen on the exporter doc’ (example with Maya), but it’s possible some informations are still lacking (for Blender exporter doc’ it’s the case - for Blender 2.8 it’s normal as it’s still in beta).

Thanks i will try to bring a list up for all Artist relevant parameters.

Feel free to then share them using the documentation. It could be a great addition

There are a lot more parameter in the Babylon PBR world but i think those are the most important.

Did i missed some textureable parameters.?


The last three arnt exportable from maya with the Arnold shader.
Hope a solution here without doing that by code.

What about this one?
Did i missed something?


Pinging @sebavan / @PatrickRyan

I missed the reflectionTexture.
How is that one diffrent to the environmentTexure.
Both deal with reflections.

Is it a good idea to use both at the same time?

The environmentTexture also influence the lighting.

Thanks for the info.

Regarding my graphic.
Is there anything else missing?


I would remove the refraction from the top and probably only keep it as part of the subsurface. Also envTexture and reflectionTexture are the same, basically by default the pbr material uses the scene environmentTexture and it could be overriden on a per material basis by the reflectionTexture if necessary.

As you have baseTexture and baseColor, I would add the metallicRoughnessTexture as well as the emissiveTexture.

About the channel you can not easily map, I will let our artist @PatrickRyan answer this point as I am so bad with authoring tools.

MetallicRoughnessTexture as a addition to metallic and roughness? I thought those two are also mapable per texture?

I have the basecolor in there cause its a parameter we are able to export from maya.

I find it an excellent thing, maybe I would divide it in a different order. Can I intrude?
At first thought…

  • Metalness

  • BaseColor
  • SpecularColor
  • SpecularRoughness
  • RefractionColor
  • CoatColor
  • CoatRoughness
  • Anisotropic
  • Sheen
  • SheenRoughness
  • Emissive
  • SubSurface

  • Normal
  • Opacity

  • ReflectionMap
  • Occlusion
  • Lightmap

To have in the first block, the difference between metallic and dielectric.
In the second block the basic properties of the material
In the third block, the influence on the shape (even if it’s not really so)
In the last, bake and override

What do you think?

Im fine with that. Will post an update tomorrow.

SpecularColor is still available if i use a metallic workflow?

version 3.0


Isn’t available in metallic wf…
is available SpecularRoughness.

BaseTexture and BaseColor can be modified from the same channel (value or texture), right? maybe they are redundant

The baseColor is a multiplyer, you can tint your texture.

SpecularTexture should be removed as it does not exist on PBR but otherwise it looks great

Here we go.

You are right