Wait about 5s for the first click on the model

I have a very large model, which can be loaded and rotated normally (need to click the blank to rotate) to view the model, but can’t use Chrome, otherwise, as long as you click on the model, it will crash, edge will not crash directly, but when you click on the model for rotation for the first time, you need to wait more than 5 seconds, how can I check
My model has more than one aspect of torture
Chrome crashes with a click on the model Edge previews and turns off normally, but when I close the page, I look at the memory from the task manager and it’s only a third full. If I keep turning it on and off, the memory keeps growing

Hard to tell without the model or a PG. There could be multiple causes. I see from the SS you are working in a local env. May be something is wrong with this setup. Or may be it’s your object that is simply not useable. The fact that Edge lets you view it for a few seconds more than Chrome is not an indication that Chrome is buggy. And the fact that (‘only’) 30% of your memory is used by the browser is not an indication that your object is fine (rather not, 30% is already a lot).
Could you share your object or import it in a PG. Else, it will be hard to help you out with this…

I would think that the model is too big but it might also be a problem in our code. a repro in the PG would be great.

Hello @babylonjs197s just checking in, are you still having issues, can you provide us with a repro?