Walking around example not working anymore

As of today (Oct 18, 2020) the Walking around example has gone and the code is not working anymore.
I had to use my local copy of babylon.js to get my page working again …

Hello and welcome:)

can you tell us more about the Walking around example? Where was it before?

My own game (which is based on this PG) also stopped working with the same error.
I think something changed in the BJS core code that broke this PG and any games that used this as a starting point.

I see a “Cannot set property ‘tabIndex’ of undefined” error in the browser console

It looks like the prototype for the attachControl method may have changed in BJS 4.2 and this is breaking PGs that have custom camera inputs.

I got it working again by debugging the issue within my game then applying the same changes to the PG.
The problem was indeed a change to the attachControl and detachControl methods of camera inputs. The first parameter used to contain the DOM element but it is no longer used and has the value undefined.

I am not sure what you meant by “gone”. The PG is where it always was https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#6PA720#251

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Thank you so much for fixing this!
(I meant by being gone the Walking around example disappearing from the examples list)

Ahh, Maybe they took it off the list because it stopped working.

Hi Bikeman :slight_smile:
is your game working on touch devices and with a trackpad as well?

My game is still in development and I haven’t finalized the usability yet.
I decided to move away from the walking and looking approach mainly because you have to have a keyboard to make it work.

I just got things working on touch devices too. I can’t make a playground example yet because i am all new to GitHub. Let me know if you’re interested though.

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