Wall and glass collision

how to apply the wall collision so that character will not enter into the wall . Here I am attaching the Screenshot link also

Here , in this screenshot stall layout collision is working but wall and glasses collision is not working .can you please help me out and provide the code also
Thank You.

This page from the doc may help:

I already apply this but it is not working. can you please look into it ?
Thank You.

I think you will need to provide a repro in the Playground so that we can see why it’s not working for you, as enabling collisions as explained in the doc should work.


Please keep in mind that when you say “I tried but it didn’t work” but don’t share a repro or any code, it’s like if you went to a doctor and asked them to give a precise diagnosis without any exams :slight_smile: We want to help you but you need to help us too.