Water/Digging Sim - our Ludum Dare Game Jam Entry

Made another 72 hour game using babylon.js last weekend for ludum dare.

Play the game “Bulldozer by-the-sea” here

Really got to have fun making a dynamic heightmap using a custom PBR shader (very simple calculation of the terrain height from an HTML canvas). The water level simulation is done javascript side at the moment (has minecraft water logic in it, moving from high to low) and written to a canvas that is use as a dynamic texture for the water heightmap.

All the level layout/design is done in blender and exported as a glTF, we then use the names of objects to assign logic to them when the game loads.

Also use a WebAudio bandpass filter for the underwater effect, which took too long for us to implement haha.

Additional notes: used ammo.js for the physics engine, with custom logic to push objects above the sand as that is a fake floor, the real physics ground is at the bottom, we use a picking ray from the object downwards to get its position in texture coordinates and look up how high it should be on the height map from there.


Really cool! @PirateJC

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I love the voice over / music / sound effects. Well done!

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OMG YES!!! I recognize this art style ANYWHERE!!! I’m still obsessed with Caterpillar Cowboy. You all do the most hilarious, fun, engaging stuff!

And with this latest release, you do not disappoint! What a super fun idea! And you’ve still got that same team humor!

So amzing!

@Lloyd_Henning any objections to me adding this to the community page and the game page?

I seriously LOVE your stuff!

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This is awesome!!!

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Thanks! Yes very happy for it to be added to those pages!

haha. Really fun. I did not get a penalty for simply razing the house in the 3rd level! or did I, I don’t know, I didn’t check the score? Or is there a score?:wink: Anyways, jokes apart… 72 hours you say? I’d love to see the version done in 720…

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Ha thanks, there’s no penalties except those you place on yourself. 72 hours is all we can manage before feature creep sets in!

I’m getting a lot of ASMR vibes. Love it! <3

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Lovely (and so true). Just so many cannot jump this fence and move to the next level.
Awesome concept and a learning for us all. Please continue with this :smiley:

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