Water shader scaling issue

I found this impressive water shader:

Playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#9B0DNU#89
Shader: https://nme.babylonjs.com/#Q7G4T6#1

(For some reason it can only run with BabylonJS 4.2.0)

What I need is to make it to be infinite or that can be scaled infinitely without apparent repetition(procedural maybe) but I have no idea how to do it in the shader editor and then save it so it can be loaded in the Playground.

When I scale the plane with the shader it just changes the size.

Any ideas?

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This is the one which is working in 5.0:


Maybe @simon will be able to help as he is the creator of this amazing shader! Initial thread: Ocean node material

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Tiling is the big issue that i face of when i did this demo. And i didn’t solve this in this project because it is just a demo not a real project and i can’t spent on it so much time. But i saw that tricky guys from blender made it in blender node editor you can try to check that and try to repeat.

Maybe smth like that will help

Also can try to use thin instances to scale up the ocean space


Maybe when you scale the plane you can scale the input noise nodes along? https://playground.babylonjs.com/#9B0DNU#90

Also trying to think up of something with simon’s instance idea, I think tiling the ocean with instances and using the world position of the instances as noise input might be a starting point :smiley: Tried a quick demo of this:

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