Web game platforms

I’m only interested in web only platforms and collated responses below. Feel free to use it as your go-to resource for publishing/marketing/distribution. Unfortunately, I cannot verify each site so do your homework! I will update this as I find more bjs friendly sites.

Non-exhaustive list
explicitly accepts bjs developed titles

generic web game platforms

XR platforms
sidequest - platform for app labs that distribute Oculus Quest Apps.

cc @PirateJC and @thomlucc

Hi @phaselock - There is also Poki (here is the documentation page: Babylon.js and Poki | Babylon.js Documentation)


Thank you, that makes a grand total of 2? I will need to study poki, hadn’t heard of it at all. Does MS not have its own web game platform open for dev submissions?


Personally I’m trying to make a deal with Poki/Crazy because they are the biggest.

Also, they have exclusive program, so it can prevent you for publishing into another platform, but with more income from ads

I lost a couple links, and a couple more have gone stale.
I plan to submit to side quest (https://sidequestvr.com/) for XR specifically.

@Alexander_Sosnovskiy Thank you! I have added both to list in OP. They don’t seem to explicitly accept bjs engine so I’ve classified both as generic web game platforms.

@withADoveInOneHand Thank you! I have added sidequest to list. It seems to be more of a portal for app labs if I’m not mistaken.