'WebGL not supported' Error while running examples on the playground page

I use chrome on a macbook:

Macos Big Sur 11.6
Processor: 2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536 MB

When I was running the example on playground, the page show that error message.

After some research, I was aware that it’s because chrome disabled webGL feature for compatibility issue. So I followed this guide and enabled the feature, everything seems to be normal.
I checked the output of chrome://gpu/ on chrome.

However, as I ran the example again, the same issue happened (but not every time as last time I ran it.) every time this error happen, the webGL config was set automatically back to original config, that is say browser disabled webGL feature automatically after the error for some reason.

on the on the contrary, all examples can run nicely and smoothly on safari at a FR of 60😁

Is there anybody encountered the same problems? any help will be appreciated!

Never seen that happening on my side. Could it be one of your company policy applying this setup ? assuming it is a work device ?

Actually, It happened on my personal macbook :smiley:
This is my chrome config. I’m wandering if this will happen on users computer, as I’m building my app on babylon and chrome is used by lots of people, so I worry about they perhaps have no patience to solve this problem if users encounter this.

This is the error message like and the error message in console:


infortunately not smthg we control on our side :frowning: