WebGPU - Compute shader experiments

Been having some fun with compute shaders since WebGPU shipped with Chrome stable and have made a few demos/projects.

2D/3D Boids - WebGPU Boids
The slider is exponential so you can get up to 67 million Boids in 2d at 30fps if you have a powerful GPU.

nBody Galaxy Simulation - WebGPU nBody
CPU struggles with more than 3000 bodies, but GPU can handle 30000+ easily.

Game Of Life - WebGPU GameOfLife
There’s a toggle to compare the CPU and GPU performance and then a button to really show what the GPU can do


The boids are mind blowing!! :heart_eyes:

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Great demos!

Pretty cool !!! cc @PirateJC

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How did you achieve this 2D mode