WebGPU: Participation in W3C WG, WGSL discussion?


Been following the WebGPU progress, and got somewhat interested in what happens with the shader language (WGSL, draft spec: WebGPU Shading Language), so ended up joining the W3C WG (https://www.w3.org/community/gpu/)

They are in the process of discussing WGSL syntax and features.

I think it would be very valuable with input from BJS (and not just let browser vendors dictate everything) - do any of you have some time to participate?


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We are already :slight_smile: and we provided all the inputs we could to push for GLSL or SPIR-V. Now it is changing, we are waiting for more stabilization of the language, but you can find an overall feeling and deeper explanation on hackernews WebGPU Shading Language | Hacker News

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That’s great :smiley:

Any of you taking part in the weekly WG meetings though (where decisions are made)?

E.g. yesterday pre-processor support in WGSL was discussed and for now decided to wait and see if devs can just use JS to do ‘string magic’, instead of having support in WGSL itself.

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yup preprocessor is utterly complex so I can kind of understand if it helps to ship faster.

Cause now they need to go on and ship smthg :slight_smile:

In Babylon we preprocess most of it on our hand so it should be less an issue for us

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Yeah, hoping we can get webgpu out there ASAP, so need to cut some corners for first version - just hoping it will be the right corners :smiley: