Website "slider" rotating billboard with video

This is an advertising bill board for my personal website. It’s always interested me how to make 3D part of website rather than having to be boxed (embedded) or full screen. Well, it is embedded in a DIV, it just looks much more part of the page design the way I have done it here. Each plane is linked to a separate URL. The rotating bill board can also be spun around with mouse or keyboard arrows. I’m especially proud of the video texture ! I think it adds something special to the website. The mesh was developed in Blender. It was originally a simple cube with a single link on it. When I wanted to link the images separately I split off the faces into separate meshes. Hope you like it !


It definitely draws the eye :slight_smile:

Thanks ! The only thing missing for me was the ‘mouse over’ browser status bar message that comes up when the pointer is over a link. I don’t think the browser can be made to see the links as normal “<a href=” links. I did get a popup DIV working that emulates that but not sure if I’m happy with it yet.

This is epic :smiley: