WebVR Experience Helper - Teleportation is not working for Oculus Quest

Teleportation used to be working 2 months ago, now I revisited my VR project and I cant teleport anymore.
To reproduce this issue try the web vr experience helper samples:



Ping @RaananW for this one.


WebVR is deprecated in chrome, it falls back to WebXR. Teleportation in XR works a bit differently but still works, even in this sample.

I will recommend to try XR instead, you can read about controller and teleportation here - WebXR Input and Controller support - Babylon.js Documentation

Im using the oculus browser, shouldn’t it work there?

I guess I’ll use XR then, thanks.

The oculus browser supports XR only, just like chrome. At least at its latest version. Our XR teleportation is also newly implemented and works better than the VR teleportation, so - it’s a win-win situation!

Hello there!
First post, thought I’d contribute as I just bumped in to the same issue.

I can confirm that the VRExperienceHelper no longer properly functions on an Oculus Quest after the latest browser update. Where until now, WebVR was deprecated but still usable, it is now no longer supported and therefore will use XR, but without the teleportation. Sponza demo is also effected by this, I checked.

However, as @RaananW already suggested, replacing the VR with the DefaultXRExperience did the trick for my project. And it indeed looks much better as well!

(Now I just have to rewrite my picking and throwing of objects)