WebXR Disable VR Controllers

Yo @RaananW … Is there any way to disable the webxr controllers in VR mode. I want to manually move the VR Camera(s) and dont want controllers to be enabled. How can i do this ?

Sure, the default xr experience helper has the option:

const xr = await scene.createDefaultXRExperienceAsync({
        inputOptions: {
            doNotLoadControllerMeshes: true

I tried that… that option only stops the controller meshes from loading… You can still interact with items
… I think you may need both doNotLoadControllerMeshes and disablePointerSelection

Just was not sure if that was the way to go… vs there being some disableControllers option i was just not seeing


You can detach the teleportation and pointer features if you want.
I just now understood what you are referring to, sorry :slight_smile:

If you want the controllers, but don’t want them to interact with the scene, either detach teleportation and pointerSelection (in your xrHelper), or disable those features altogether. There are also flags to disable them when creating the experience helper.