Cannot disable WebXR in VRExperienceHelper

The original post:

All I need was a simple Cardboard VR scenario. In v4.0, the VRExperienceHelper works perfectly. But in the new version with WebXR on Android device and VR fallback camera on iOS device, things are just too complicated if I want to maintain the same user experience on both side.

I’ve tried moving to WebXRExperienceHelper using the webxr-polyfill but it did not work on iOS, I’ve searched the forum and seen similar posts but no solutions was found. The best way I could think of was going back to use VRExperienceHelper and disable WebXR.

After seeing your explanation, the useXR flag was more like an “useWebVR” with default value false to me.

Though I think it would be really useful if WebXR can be disabled.

pinging @RaananW

WebVR is deprecated and is not available anymore in any modern project. When this flag was introduced, this was not the case. Back then, WebVR was the main, and WebXR was the option to turn on.

What exactly do you expect to get when you prevent WebXR from the VR experience helper? Why do you want WebVR?