WebXR emulator doesn't work with chrome on mac but works on windows

I saw something weird, webxr demos don’t work with webxr emulator on chrome of mac but work on window’s chrome, is it known issue? I initially thought its an issue with webxr emulator on mac but then I tried with three js examples they seem to work properly. So it seems like an issue with babylon js.

I don’t have a mac to check, @RaananW you have one right?

To be more precise, which demos exactly don’t work on Babylon but work on Three? All of them? Any specific one?

nope, no mac here, sorry.

Would be great to know what error you are getting. And whether three falls back to some other API chrome on a mac might support. I can’t seem to find any information online

it started working const vrHelper = await scene.createDefaultXRExperienceAsync({ createDeviceOrientationCamera: false, useXR: true, // This will enable XR if supported }); with this in small demo I made. But now same thing breaks in my actual app when i use it.

And this is the current error

The code certainly feels off, since you are using the WebVR options in the WebXR default experience.

Having said that, it still shouldn’t happen. Can you reproduce that on the playground?

Okay, let me try if I can reproduce it in playground.

I was going through demo playground in docs. var vrHelper = scene.createDefaultVRExperience({createDeviceOrientationCamera:false, useXR: true}); and it uses this method but it shows that its deprecated and docs mentions createDefaultXRExperienceAsync and event Microsoft has tutorial that also uses this same method for VR. So its really confusing to me. And many demos are using same method for create VR experience WebXR Demos and Examples | Babylon.js Documentation

I have no idea about VR or XR unfortunately and trying figure out.

WebVR is deprecated and is not recommended anymore. actually, it is removed from the browser and is no longer supported.

The WebXR demos don’t use the code you have pasted (or at least the options you have pasted). You are combining two different methods with the same parameters.

But again, I don’t think this is the issue, unless you are really using WebVR instead of WebXR. A playground would be great (where your issue can be seen)

Unfortunately I couldn’t bring the example of app to playground but one thing I noticed it breaks for all the VR devices in WebXR emulator except for Google cardboard device. ik thats not a lot for debugging but thought I should let you know.