Webxr hands cursor angle

Hi @RaananW , this might be a good one for you. :slight_smile:

I’m toying around with the babylon webxr hand tracking, and i’m getting the hand mesh to load, which is great. However, the cursor laser that points out of the hand when I do the “click” motion is only ever oriented outward from the camera. I can never angle that cursor line downwards to the floor, for example, by pointing my hand dowards to the ground in my scene. Is this a known issue? The line still stays pointing outwards despite my fingers pointing downwards.


The ray direction is provided by the underlying system and we sadly have little to no control over it. From my experience, the direction is controlled by the position on the y axis and not the direction of the hand or pointing finger. To point down the hands need to be almost out of the bottom view pane.
But I do agree - it takes time getting used to it.