WebXR in righthand scene mode on Windows Mixed Reality gets head pose wrong

On Windows MR headset (Windows 10 1909 (all updates)), the following WebXR simple sphere sample works in default left handed mode, but if I change to rightHanded as per the code, the head pose is incorrect for tilt left right (inverted), controllers appear in wrong place. Saw some fixes to right hand mode in WebXR in more recent checkins, so tries latest 4.2.0 alpha 14, is the same as I saw in 4.1.0 release etc.


My use case is all right handed in web view, changing it all to be left would be problematic, so would really like if the scene right hand mode all working well in WebXR too.

pinging @RaananW

I’ll look into that! It should be fully supported by us

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Ok, I found 2 issues with right handed systems and will fix them very soon. It seems like I am reverting a few rotations that I shouldn’t in right-handed systems.

Hi Chris,

PR submitted - [XR] Right-handed system support for XR by RaananW · Pull Request #8137 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub . This actually forced me to rethink our matrix-calculations as well, so thanks for that! :slight_smile:
It will be merged soon after being reviewed, so I guess it will be available tomorrow.

I tested with the following playground:

Left-handed: Babylon.js Playground
right-handed: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#DGS0NV#4

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Great, thanks for the quick fix. Once available I will give it a go and post back

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Will be live in a couple of hours