Apple Vision Pro

Yo, so how are we feeling about the Apple Vision Pro?

I know we’re not the biggest Apple fans out here, but this looks pretty sick (although a bit like an apple watch/ski goggles combination for your face). I didn’t hear anything about WebXR ( :sob:), but ARKit should work. So I guess that means Babylon (React) Native apps should work?


From a WebXR standpoint, this like all Apple products, the only winning move is probably to write it off & take the loss without wasting any effort on it.

Since it not even shipping till next year, things could change by then, but would not hold your breath.

@JCPalmer , vision pro will have webxr support at launch.


PS And one of their employees, who is on the working standard group, says it is “quite good”. :wink:

In fact they even showed the Babylon logo during the Safari session! @Deltakosh @RaananW @PirateJC


But but… do they support WebXR in safari?

Exciting that we are first :wink:

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can’t think of anything else after this tweet:

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damn, don’t get my expectations up like that :joy:

Yes @RaananW , they say webxr will be supported and Ada Rose Cannon, on the standards team and employee at Apple, says it is “quite good”. Apparently the interaction method is with hands, so we’ll be digging pretty deeply into bablyon’s hand tracking stuff in the weeks ahead.

check out around 14:20 of this session: Meet Safari for spatial computing - WWDC23 - Videos - Apple Developer


I’ll take good news. Have bookmarked to look at that video some time.

I have sub-classed BABYLON.WebXRHandTracking in 2021/22, and swiped the default hands meshes. I got them out of GLB, & changed the geo, using Blender modifier tricks. I was way too early. Quest2 was too unreliable at the time. Was going to dust that off soon, in any case, before this.

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Thanks for the video! As far as I understood, Safari will be able to display a full Babylon scene as a Vision fullspace with the user inside.


I watched that too and it’s really interesting. What I couldn’t figure out (and sorry if this is obvious to everyone else). Is it only Vision Pro Safari that will have WebXR support or is Safari across the board? Great if we can start reliably using it on mobile etc for AR.

Can’t tell quite yet @crimsonpir8 , and so far they say it will only support Vr sessions and not AR. So it wouldn’t be able to work for mobile AR just yet. Maybe they will fix that eventually.

Thanks, that is disappointing. AR support on the web would really create a lot of opportunities away from the AR walled gardens of social media filters.

Maybe one day.

Does webxr support WebGPU and compute shader?

I quite liked the part where they pretended that they just invented AR and not just a pair of goofy looking goggles that can display/render it :joy:


Nope, WebXR is using WebGL and is not ready for WebGPU (yet)

Does Babylon native work with Vision Pro and WebGPU?

cc @BabylonNative

WebGPU is not supported by BJN

For Vision Pro, I let the team answers but I think we don’t know yet

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I think Metal is the api of choice for native visionPro as well…so, supported by BN.
IMHO, it won’t be very different from iOS from a platform standpoint.