WebXR: Methods of locomotion

I’m watching my wife play the 7th Guest VR and she’s not really that good with controllers, tending to use the trigger rather than the grip, two fingers on grip, two fingers on trigger, or just trying to ignore the controllers and grab with her hands…while holding the controllers.

That has me thinking again about locomotion. If you’re comfortable with controllers, both smooth locomotion and teleportation are easy. With hand tracking, I’ve mostly only seen teleportation. And certainly not in a fast paced game. Has anyone else seen locomotion with hand tracking other than teleportation?

I’m sure she’ll get better if she gets some practice.

We do have this one in babylon - WebXR Selected Features | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com)

it takes time to get used to it (and have a few issues that still need to be resolved), but it does work and present an entry point for locomotion movement in webxr

Ah yes, I recall trying this last summer. I found it required me to make exaggerated movements to move forward. There’s a good chance I wasn’t using it correctly. I will play with it again today. I don’t see any information on how to tune the sensitivity. Is that documented?

The developer who created this feature is no longer maintaining it, but I can look into adding sensitivity for the movement detection. Just not sure when, sadly.

Issue for tracking - [XR] Add sensitivity to the movement locomotion feature · Issue #14861 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)

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