Welcome to the new Babylon.js forum!


This is super Awesome ! Especially the rankings :heart_eyes:
@Deltakosh how to get Padawan :stuck_out_tongue: ?


Working on it:)




Links open in a new tab if you click them with the middle mouse button / scroll wheel, and it works like that on all sites


I did not know this method of central clique. I was getting used with the right click open in a new tab or new window.

Thank you for the information


um, so is this final ? As in, will discord be the forum for babylon going forward to, I dunno, the next 10 yrs ? :smiley: Just asking, cos I thought we were still evaluating …

edit: also, why is this thread in Questions ? I figured this should be stickied in Announcements ?


So great!
I’m so inactive lately, but I had to sign in here :blush:


And I got my first badge! This keeps on getting better.


me too, the first badge:) Hello everybody!


It’s good to see you again @RaananW.
Yes the badge system is very nice. Welcome.


Yes it is final:)


:+1: for your good work!


Here we are!
Account created, but I had to remove the dot at the end of my username for it to be accepted :upside_down_face:


Should be easy to get used to the new forum. All the nice people are here already. :smiley:


Good work, this seems much better than the old forum.


Erf, I tryied to create a new topic but β€œtoo many links in it for a new user” :smiley: 'suppose it’s for spam reasons.

Anyway, first post here, hello community!


Also, tiny but wonderful quick link :ok_man:


You should be able to add more links now :slight_smile:


iframes to the PG are supported!!

<iframe src="https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/frame.html#AQRDKW#0" width="600" height="400">


This is awesome. Thanks.