Welcome to the new Babylon.js forum!





So, @Deltakosh… how do YOU like the new forum, so far?

Tell us your thoughts, when you have a moment, and if you please.

Feelin’ good about it? Likes/dislikes? (thx)


So let’s be honest I love it. I can use an app to check the questions, I can control the tags, the themes, the CSS. We can embed iframe, it is faster and cleaner and we can AT LEAST flag an answer!

My only missing feature is the “who’s online” but it is not a big deal!

And what about you guys?


Me too, I appreciate it more and more.It really brings a nice modernity to the use. This is probably the best forum I’ve seen so far here as well as another fellow who is Flarum.

I adopt this forum, simple, effective and go to the point. I also regret that there is not the “Who is online”. I hope that there will be solutions to come.

Did you mean that you had to create an extension DK I think? Is it still possible?


Yep still working on how to get that plugin in place (not an official one and kind of broken so far)


Another thing would be good to have next to the heart to put a ‘like’, to have a small icon to say ‘Thanks’ also see also a ‘LOL’. I do not know if it’s possible?


Don’t think so but I’ll check


Good move. This is definitely an upgrade.


Hi to everybody :wink:

New forum looks awesome!!!


Hi, good to see you!
Already, a lot of topics to read :slight_smile:
ps: I want ot become a Jedi too :muscle:


You already are a jedi :wink:


Awsome :dagger:


Hello to everyone.

I’ve completed all the battles by fighting challenging missions. After a sweet conversation with Discobot, I’m here now. Unusually this new forum is very beautiful. I wish everyone good times with babylon in the new year. Good work for everyone.


Just popped in to say ‘hello’. Hello.


Bird :black_heart: everything. : )


When I first added this forum to my homescreen the bjs icon was visible. Now it’s just a white square. Can you use an icon with color or somehow add color to the background so that it’s visible? This is on my android phone.


Well this is weird. Let me check


Should be good now