What are all the Nodes that the GC takes care of in the performance profiles?

Always right before the green node line drops there is a major garbage collection fired.

I assumed the nodes are related to the React app that the PG is loaded on, so I fired up

Which has no HTML Dom elements really. When I do a profiler on that its at 71 prior to loading all the models then shoots up to ~250 when the models load after start is hit. So I’m assuming textures possibly or GUI stuff gets nested as a node somewhere?

Just trying to understand the cause for the node increase and what is actually happening under the hood that I dont understand.

The gui uses svg, i would think thats probably contributing more than anything. some assets (video/image/(audio?)) do have a backing media element, but i dont think that would contribute much? did you go to source and expand the doc to see whats there?

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