What camera type to use

I have a use case when I want to look at a landscape with always the same angle, at the same distance, moving the camera along when I move the camera target. i.e. more or less the same type of camera that is used in most 4x games like Civilization.

Can the ArcRotateCamera be used for this? setting target, radius, and beta, forcing an update of the position?

Hi, I am no expert here but you surely can use the ArcRotate camera for this. I’ve built a quick demo for you

So basically, on line 14 I built a small blue plane called cameraTarget.
Then on line 22 I set the target of the camera to be my newly created blue plane.
Finally on line 42 I am updating the position of my blue plane, the camera follows it.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


@wannax That is very clever, never thought about it like that, look at a mesh and move the mesh.

Thank you for taking time to show this solution, I really appreciated it!

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