What is primiary way to open WebXR page on Oculus Quest?

I make “simple” but heavy scene (7M faces) and trying to open it in the Oculus Quest 2.
What I do: turn on Oculus, open Browser inside, go to my page and enable VR mode. FPS in the scene is not good enough. Of course I can simplify the scene, models and textures, but maybe I can open the page via Quest Link (AirLink) on my PC?
I imagine it like connection to PC via Quest Link, open desktop broswer and enable VR mode. Is it possible? Or there is only one way to open 3d scene created in babylonjs in Oculus Quest?

7M triangles is way too much for a mobile device, as you found out. I think there was a way to load “rift era” programs on a pc, then display the frames, but rift is EOL.

What you are asking is unlikely to happen. Setting a geometry budget before starting is the only real way to go. My target is 0.2 M triangles per scene, and working on a method of switching between scenes.


I wish there were simple solutions to stream directly to the device (e.g. mightyApp for this)

And even no hope of frustum/occlusion culling? Only switching scenes?
It’s my first time with development to VR, so I have some confused =)

There are a whole bunch of ways to deal with it, including disabling meshes or octrees. I just said what I am doing.