What's the most powerful tool to profile babylon?

ARM Streamline is the most powerful profiler I know, but it requires me to set
android :debuggable = true
when compile it to .apk, which seems not possible for a webGame developer.
Is there any way I can get around it? Or there are other profiler for webgame that can record detailed information like GpuUsage,bandwidth, vertexShader/FragmentShader time ?

It is Specter: https://spector.babylonjs.com/

I tried it, it kind of like renderdoc. But it does not monitor GPU usage.

You can get GPU frame time and shader compilation time with EngineInstrumentation: Optimizing Your Scene | Babylon.js Documentation, but I don’t believe it’s possible to monitor more than that directly on the web :confused:

But since you mentioned Android, I searched around and found Samsung has an app for that: GPUWatch | Samsung Developers, I tested on a Playground and it works! So if you have, or can get a Samsung phone that might be a good option.

@sebavan and @Evgeni_Popov might also be aware of other means to monitor stats on the phone :slight_smile:

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No idea how to do that on phones…

Even on desktops you can’t easily get performance counters. You can try to use PIX on Windows, but I think RenderDoc does not work on browser apps (Chrome / Firefox).