When HtmlMesh has a large scale, there may be a deviation in the display position, which may be caused by calculation accuracy

When I apply HtmlMesh to a scene with a large scale, there will be a certain deviation in the display position of the elements in HtmlMesh. For example, when I scale to 0.01, the display position deviation will be very obvious. I think it should be caused by the calculation accuracy. Maybe this is a bug, maybe not, I’m not sure.

My application is to draw an HtmlMesh on a large geo based on the actual coordinates, and then scale the entire node of the geo so that the full view can be seen on the screen. However, the position of the HtmlMesh is displayed incorrectly

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@ ericwood73 I need your help to solve this problem

Same as what you are saying - I believe it is a question of precision. But I believe @ericwood73 will be able to shed some light on that. So pinging him gently :wink:

Sorry, Missed the ping somehow. I’ll take a look. @Kelede can you open an issue in the repo?