When the slider is scaled down in a container, the thumb doesn't follow the pointer's position accuratelly

I build a slider within a rectangle on the playground. The problem is that there seems to be something weird with the scaling of the slider. When you try to move the thumb, it doesn’t really follow the cursor, and when you click on an area where you want to thumb to go to, is is not really accurate.

It is not easy to perceive until you scale the container where the slider is.

This is the playground that I created:

The last line scale the container to 1/3 and there the problem because real obvious as the slider is not behaving as expected.

Let me know if more info is needed for this. If the slider doesn’t support this type of scaling, is there a workaround that could be used?

I think the issue comes with the pointer position being out of relation to the component when scaling. You can size everything down like https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#4RN0VF#55 to get same effect but without the issue.

Hi there. On the new playground the slider seems to be working fine, although the relationship with the box is no longer what I was initially using. I could scale down the mesh and container, but what I am building is a bit more complex than that and not sure that will work.

Would you think it is a bug that the pointer position is out of relationship with the slider when this one is scaled down? I really seems off that you can’t go that way. Is there a way to fix this by just modifying the scale and dimensions of the slider?