Unity Exporter - Camera Rig for VR

I am using unity 2020.3.8 with Babylon Editor Toolkit_5.0.0_A63 expoter.
However I am not able to use WebXR as there is not CameraRig Component needed for Virtual Reality.
Is this normal or am I missing something ?
Thanks !

pinging @MackeyK24 (hope I pinged the right person :slight_smile: )

Pinging @MackeyK24

Is in starter content as UniversalCameraSystem.ts

FYI… there is also a updated/refactored version call DefaultCameraSystem.ts in new Pro version of the Toolkit.

ALSO… these are just my starter scripts… You can write your own camera scripts. You can use mine as guide as well.

But its just a script component that i put all my common use camera shit in… and i call it Starter Content :slight_smile:

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