Why do instances add to the total vertex count but not thin instances?

When checking the total vertices in the Inspector’s statistics tab I noticed that each instance adds to the vertex count but each thin instance doesn’t.

I wonder what the reasoning is for this thou? Because it seems that since the vertices are being shared either way that either both ways should add to the count or neither should, right? :thinking:

Personally I tend to think that only the mesh with vertices should add to the reported vertex count, not the instances or thin instances… But making it consistent one way or the other would make the stat more meaningful and comparable IMO.

But I wonder if I’m overlooking something and what others think about it? :slight_smile:

Here is my thinking: the thin instances are not visible from the scene graph. There are not entities so we do not count them in the stats
Instances are real objects and part of the selection process so we count them :slight_smile:

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Ooh that does makes total sense to me too for most of the stats, especially e.g. the mesh counts… :slight_smile:

But I suppose technically the vertex count is still the same thou… In other words doing things like computing the world matrix for each instance and other entity stuff like having a name and being selected doesn’t seem related to how many vertices there actually are… :thinking:

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I do agree. Not sure there is an obvious way to rationalize it :wink:

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