SPS vs thinInstances

Hi boys & girls, … long time… :sweat_smile: hope you are all fine

Even if I saw thin question for few times on this forum I said I have to ask my question in a different topic.
I cann’t explain one thing.
Why a scene with thin instances is less performant than a scene with sps, in a specific scenario.
Almost all ‘numbers’ from thinInstance scene inspector are smaller than SPS scene, but the FPS is smaller too. All meshes are static, without interaction and witout collisions
It is exactly the same scene, builded with SPS or thinInstances and rendered using the dedicated GPU or not.


Are you able to test with 5.0?

Also, that would be interesting to see the “Frame steps duration” counters, to see the time spent in javascript.

In any case, a repro somewhere would be the best move for people to help you.


I’ll try to reproduce it on playground. I’ll be back :wink:

I think I solved it while I tried to reproduce :joy:
The problem was the boundingInfo
Simply adding

//this line
shape.doNotSyncBoundingInfo = true;

shape.thinInstanceSetBuffer("matrix", matrixBuffer);

// and this line

now both SPS and thinInstance scenes are up to 120fps :raised_hands:
Cheers! :beers: