Why is JQuery PEP, a pretty old polyfill, required for touch events?

The codes here note that PEP is required for touch events: Interacting With Scenes | Babylon.js Documentation

PEP appears to be a polyfill, bridging the gap between browser support on touch events. Something that isn’t really necessary anymore, and given that it’s deprecated, is a pretty undesirable dependency. Even more so that the suggested version is 5 years old…

Are there plans to drop the need for it, or can touch events be used without it in some manner?

My understanding is it’s not a dependency i.e. it’s not bundled with Babylon.js, and is only recommended if you need to support older browser versions. If you’re only targeting current browsers and devices it’s your choice not to use it. I’m not aware of any alternatives.

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@inteja is correct, it’s not a dependency! I’ve updated the docs to reflect that: Update Scene Interactions doc by carolhmj · Pull Request #385 · BabylonJS/Documentation (github.com)


Ah! Wonderful. I wasn’t sure if this was one of those polyfills where the codebase HAS to call it’s functions or not, because that would make it a hard dependency.

This thread from earlier in the year suggests it may still be required, or is that just for safari (I would think safari would have perfectly workable touch events…?)?

Safari is the new IE and the bane of my existence … :wink:

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From Pointer events | Can I use… Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc, it does looks like that Safari supports it, but as @inteja very wisely postured… Safari is the new IE :joy:

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