Why stopping all animation groups won't make my character to return to rest pose?

Hi all. I want to know why stopping (using the stop() method and setting weight to 0) doesn’t make my character return to the rest pose. what is the proper way of doing this? I know there is a method for the skeleton returnToRest() that does this but I want the transition to rest pose to be smooth.

You wouldn’t happen to have a PG for this? To be honest, I’m interested in this because I recently uncovered a strange behavior with something I believe was working before (regarding weight and blending) in animation groups. If you could setup a PG , I’d gladly have a look at it. May be it can also help solve my problem (sorry for being a bit selfish on this :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :grin:)

Yeah sure. this is a PG that I found, nothing special. you can use the inspector to stop all animation groups. I think this should make a character return to rest pose but it stucks at the last frame of the currently playing animation.

Ok, just quickly looked at it and don’t have the time right now. But not to make you wait, here what I uncovered: Both the hiphop and idle animations are running on start. Open the inspector and stop the idle anim, while hiphop is running. Then ‘play’ (simple ‘play’) the idle anim and it will blend correctly.
Means you have to stop the idle or hiphop after init (depending on which one is the ‘default’).
Hope this helps,

Edit: OK, just very quick and dirty (I completely destroyed the PG while searching for it, sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :zipper_mouth_face:), …still what you want to look at is:

  1. Open PG and realize that all anims have been stopped first and next anim ‘hero2Hiphop’ has been started.
  2. On button press, play the idle anim, realize it blends with the ‘hero2Hiphop’ anim.
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