Why Using HTTP Range Requests and what is major impact w/o or with using it

i am using to load glb with SceneLoader.Append but not sure regarding

SceneLoader.OnPluginActivatedObservable.addOnce(function (loader: GLTFFileLoader) {
if (loader.name === “gltf”) {
loader.useRangeRequests = true;

majorly use for one request makes different partition requests with use of useRangeRequests but why need to make partition and why this feature use for?

Document what’s being loaded after the glb, I notice the UI progress take an additional chuck of time after the glb has been downloaded. What’s it doing? so please describe on this that would be very helpful… thanks

It seems like you already have some understanding of the what that is going on, so that’s a good start! It also seems like there are two separate questions here

  1. Why are http range requests being used for downloads?
  2. Why does it take additional time after the download completes before the model is available to use?

I believe you already answered the first question yourself - range requests are used for progressive download/resumption of large files with progress reporting optionally included.

As to the second, my speculation would be that after downloading the bytes for the GLB, it must then process the bytes into loaded meshes, textures, etc… this takes time.


Yup exactly this. and about 2. There are plenty of things to do, once the file is loaded. Parsing, creating materials textures, meshes and so on… Also some conversions and decompressions might need to happen for draco and so on.