Why video jitters?

Why the video has obvious jitters from time to time? Even the official demo is such.

Hello @Digital_Mimesis_Lab , how are you doing?

@sebavan , is there any optimizations one can do to reduce jittering on the Video Texture?

This might be related to buffering the data and such. The video might have the same without Babylon unfortunately.

I would recommend using a player like shaka with progressive resolution and such to ensure a smooth playback experience.

For Babylon a video texture is simply wrapping a video element. We do not control how the video element is actually used in playback, we simply copy every frame in the texture.

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I just play the video use only video element and it’s very smooth.
I want to play the video in on a 3d plane, how can I combine the shaka player with babylonjs’s 3d mesh?

So it should be smooth as well. Can you share a repro ?

Hi, always appreciate the speed u guys reply. I made a demo to show the problem. And I’m quite sure the reason is related to the animation. But I can not see why.

Is your FPS stable at 60 ? on my machine it works all ok :frowning:

My fps oscillates very quickly between 50-60, what’s the problem. But when I comment the animation, the FPS is stable at 75FPS. What’s happening here? It seems that the animation dramatically slows down the program.

looks like you might be gpu bound. Can you try to resize the window to the smallest you can ? does it impact the fps ?

After I scaling the web page to a smaller size, the video stopped jiitering. Did not suppose that the web page’s size could have so much impact. Is the browser’s own render problem or my just GPU sucks?

It is a pity, but this is the most possible reason of abovementioned issue :slight_smile: