Will Oculus Quest Spacewarp be supported in the future?

Oculus spacewarp should allow a much smoother user experience in quest games by creating additional frames internally when an application’s frame rate drops. See: Application SpaceWarp Gives Quest 2 70% More Performance

I haven’t seen anything about how this feature can be enabled in the quest browser with webxr, so I was wondering if anyone here had additional information or thoughts.

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Interesting. I think that is not within the control of the of javascript unless it the browser provides it. It is in their court till then.

There is implementing XR multi view still to do. That will have quite an impact for a single threaded architecture.

That looks like a pretty great feature :slight_smile:

@RaananW might know if there are any plans.

That’s a good question!

I was wondering the same thing myself :slight_smile:
This should first be supported by the oculus browser. Once I know if and when i’ll update here

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