Will there be a non-wasm version of Havok in the future? There are some runtime without wasm support

Moreover, it seems that the V2 physics API is largely designed around Havok, such as one body has only one shape, body and instanceIndex.
So it’s not easy to binding classic physics engines.

@Cedric can talk more about that.

No plan to have non-wasm version for the moment.
The V2 API is designed around Havok but we kept in mind classic Physics engine concepts: Body, Shape, Material. These concepts can be found is all other engines. Even the Body dynamics/Kinematic/Static concept can be found in Physics and Ammo.


Thanks for the reply.
By using shape.addChild, I solved the problem, even though shapes are actually siblings.
But in terms of api design, I think V2 is better than V1.
Perhaps my understanding of the V2 API is still limited, and I look forward to seeing more examples with the new physics API in the future.

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