Will webGPU make tessellation techniques available in Babylon.js?

Are techniques such as what’s shown here in this article about graphics involving tessellation with the GPU be available for us to use in babylon.js if we were to use chrome canary with the webGPU flag enabled?

No, tessellation is not support in WebGPU, as least not in v1. And I’m not sure it will ever come to WebGPU, see Investigation: Tessellation · Issue #445 · gpuweb/gpuweb · GitHub.

Mesh shaders may at some point be supported as an extension, though. See Mesh shader support · Issue #3015 · gpuweb/gpuweb · GitHub.


Thank you for the info! It’s helpful to know what direction things will move in the near future :smiley: Checking out these mesh shaders.

I took a look at that thread, yeah I won’t hold my breath lol