Wrong "environment.hdr" file content in asset texture folder

Hey community,

Found environment.hdr file has incorrect content in your texture folder:

Looks that country.hdr and environment.hdr turn out having the same content, while the original environment.hdr file content seems missing.

Also can we add more HDR and .env files in our library? I am using some HDR files from https://polyhaven.com. I converted them from original .hdr to .env on my end. If it’s ok I can send you folks those files. But not sure if it is ok legally.


we are totally open to addition :slight_smile:

Please BabylonJS/Assets: A place for public domain digital assets to use. (github.com)

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Cool!! I checked their website, all HDRs there are under CC0 license, which is totally ok for us to use. I will do a little bit clean up for those files and send a pull request in the asset package later. :grin:

Btw, can any body correct the wrong environment.hdr file? i do need the correct file.

Many thanks

Just found an old posting regarding to the same issue:

Looks the website which host the original HDR file is retired. And I couldn’t find another copy of this HDR file anywhere else.

If any one has the original file please let me know.

cc @PatrickRyan in case he has that file :frowning:

@tawibox, while the Polyhaven HDRs are all under a CC0 license, I would not want to host the hdr files on our repo to avoid confusion about where the assets come from. I would host those same files converted to .env, however, since that format is a Babylon format. That way, those IBL files could be used for playgrounds and the like, but is not a simple repost of assets generated by Polyhaven. We should also give credit in the license file to Polyhaven as the source of the original files in the spirit of open-source. I will look for the original environment.hdr file in case I have a copy. Is this the image of the theatre? The name doesn’t help with identifying the content obviously.

Patrick, I do not keep .hdr files, but I probably have a 512 env, if you wish to swap with the current, which I assume is 256.


Thank you so much! Sorry for the delayed response.

Yeah that sounds great. Agree that babylon should only hose the .env format of the HDRs. I will send a pull request for the .env files once they are in place later.

Yeah the HDR was looking for is the one in front of LA Chinese theater, with twilight.
If you happen to have the original copy please let me know.

Many thanks again.

If you mean the footprint court one, then it seems it’s not available anymore in the typical places, but KhronosGroup/glTF-Sample-Environments: glTF sample environments for the glTF Sample Viewer (github.com) still has a copy of it, including the original HDR file.

glTF-Sample-Environments/footprint_court.hdr at main · KhronosGroup/glTF-Sample-Environments (github.com)



YES!! That’s the exact one I have been looking for!! Thank you so much!!!

Didn’t expect Khronos even keeps it on their end.
Many thanks,

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