Wrong Links - to loaders instead of viewers

Can it be, that the viewers (last entry on the page) do link to the loaders?


This page

uses the given viewer link and produces a viewer so it appears to be correct.

There are wrong links in the webpage :).
Sry I didnt make myself clear.

Babylon.js Viewer
Minimum Version - https://cdn.babylonjs.com/viewer/babylon.viewer.js
Readable Version - https://cdn.babylonjs.com/viewer/babylon.viewer.max.js

Strange, they are correct in the raw file


@RaananW something strange here. Links are correct in markdown but the links on the docs page take you to the wrong url.

This happens for gui, inspector and viewer.

I’ll check that. I’m working on the doc page today.

This was just resolved with an update of the doc page’s dependencies. Let me know if it is still not correct.