Wrong playground links in "Highlighting Meshes" documentation guide

In the documentation guide for Highlighting Meshes many of the playground links are mixed up.

For example, at the end of the Stop highlighting a Mesh section, if you click on the PG link titled “Stop Mesh Highlighting” it opens the “Mesh Highlighting Example” playground instead of the “Stop Mesh Highlighting” playground.

Many others are mixed up as well, for these links at the end of each section. The playground links listed on the right side of the page are correct thou I think. :slightly_smiling_face:

@PirateJC I think you have a customer :slight_smile: THANKS

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Very weird. I dug into this this morning and everything looks completely fine in the markdown files.

@RaananW I suspect this is a bad build of this page? Can you lend your expertise? As far as I can tell, starting with the second playground listed: Stop mesh highlighting, everything seems to be offset by 1 playground. They all seem to be pointing to the playground above. What’s really strange though is that the examples are all fine. Bad build?

For example, with the first playground that seems to be wrong “Stop Mesh Highlighting” here is the markdown:

Which is the correct snippet ID, title and description, but when accessing that inline link in the body of the doc, it brings up the mesh highlighting playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#1KUJ0A#305

Definitely strange.


i’ll check! it seems a bit odd.


Totally forgot to answer this one - this seems to be a very interesting bug with next and/or react (which I can reproduce! fun!).

I am still working on a solution here.


@RaananW did you end up fixing this? It seems to be fine now. :smiley:

Dependencies were updated, so it might have been resolved on their end. I’ll check and let you know.


Nope, it is still an issue. I’ll follow up with next and see what they say.

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long time, but it was finally solved. Dependencies updated, links are now correct.