Playground Inspector feels bad :)

From today morning the Playground Inspector looks like at the picture. Or this is the new Inspector look?

I still have the right display. Have you tried to clear the cache of the browser/in another browser?

Same for me. Did you make any changes in the scene itself? Does it happen on each playground loaded?

I do like the humanization of the inspector. It does seem to be feeling bad in your picture :slight_smile:

Yes, it helped :slight_smile:
Seems it was only at PG with Chrome, at local files worked correctly.
But now I miss the feature which I found in “incorrect” inspector - there was possible to pick mesh and have a label with it’s name near it in the scene. Will it be implemented in future?

Picking is still available:


the label thing - i am not sure, but if you set the bounding box on, you will know what object you are currently pointing at.

Well, now everything works fine, so the problem is solved.

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