Wrong values on boundingBox?


I was trying to reposition an instance by his boundingBox informations but i found an issue : the boudingBox.maximumWorld and boundingBox.maximum are equal, same for boudingBox.minimumWorld and boudingBox.minimum, BUT… when i check the boundingBox the values are correct :man_shrugging:
It’s not all, i made the following PG to example, at the first click on play the values on console.log was correct, i clicked a second times on play and it still worked correctly then i accidentaly click on the browser “reload page”, i checjed the console and the values where not correct any more…
moreover the same thing happened on my project before, everything worked fine the first times but for some reason that i don’t know at some point it no longer worked.

So maybe at first trys the values will be correct, try to click on play button a second time and if still work try to reaload the page.

please help :cry:

yup, i confirm that if you open the PG and check the console it’s work, click on the play button and you will see the problem.

Does this solve the issue?


oh… yes this solve the issue, so that’s not a bug, just the matrix need to be updated.

thank’s for help, end sorry cause it’s was not a bug :confused:

The matrix is being updated the first time the mesh was rendered. If you need it before (i.e. - right after the mesh was created) you will need to update it yourself

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