2 Separate scenes for frequently and rare updated mesh

Hi, our application has 2 groups of meshes:

  1. group that changes frequently (50Hz), simple meshes
  2. another group that changes rarely (1Hz), but much more complex meshes (100x more complex than #1 above)

Currently both groups are rendered together at 50Hz, and we are trying to reduce CPU usage.

To reduce CPU usage, is there a better way than using 2 scenes and rendering each of them manually?

Hi @Porton_don and welcome to the forum!

The issue is you will have to render both scene at the highest speed.
What are the changes you mention? is it, in practice, really an issue?
Did you try this tips available here ? Optimizing Your Scene | Babylon.js Documentation

You can perhaps put a group using layer masks and only render the slow group manually?

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