3D Platformer Game

The gif is broken?

It appears just fine on my end?

Might be a chrome thing. See the image below. Tested in Firefox and all looks good. Not sure what the issue is though!.

Really great job, dude!
I would only add that for me it was a bit confusing at first to understand controls, you can add some screen button to open them up in modal. At least when I opened game my initial instinct was to press WASD (and then arrows), but it didn’t work so I was upset :smiley:
Only after I went to open controls It started working. Not sure if it was intended, might stop some guys.
Other then that I’m impressed, looks cool :slight_smile:

I’m on Chrome Version 99.0.4844.84 just in case

Thanks for the feedback @MinaiFenume :smiley: I understand that would be frustrating, I will add the modal to display controls for new players as you suggested. I thought about adding the modal as well some time ago but I had to take a break from coding for a while, it was definitely necessary. :smile:
I will add the update soon and post it here! thanks again!.

Is your source open actually? I’m doing my own engine and would really like to take a look how you used Babylon :slight_smile:
Especially I like your UI. My idea was to use some established framework like React, but it lacks some opportunities to use shaders and so on. From my experience working with other UI systems is usually my more complicated and requires more effort. As I can guess you used Babylon’s UI system, that’s cool

@MinaiFenume Actually, the UI is all HTML and CSS. Techstack includes BabylonJS, Angular and Animate.CSS. Didn’t use Babylon UI system as I wanted an XML-like syntax for building UI, so I had to build a custom UI system. Also, the code isn’t open source. :smile: perhaps in the near future. :smile:


The game stuck at loading screen. I am using WebGPU in Chrome Canary.

Hi @Codelyoko_1,

Thanks for letting me know about this :slight_smile: I’m not sure what went wrong, but I will have a look and get back to you shortly. :slight_smile:

Hi @Codelyoko_1

I have few things to share;

WebGPU is not currently enabled in [Coco Bunny] game and I’m not sure when it will due to some(lots) issues encountered during migration to the latest angular+typescript+babylonJS-5.5.6.

I actually completed the migration but I had tons of issues with physics(oimo), loading accessories, fps, e.t.c. So I reverted the project back to the current build.

Looks like I would need to spend some time going through the code to get things to behave as expected but unfortunately, I don’t have the time right now as I have a day job and all. :slight_smile:

That being said, I will continue to add more fun levels, accessories, new character animations and fixes to the current version of the game.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: I will add a flag to notify players of WebGPU support for the current version just in case. :slight_smile:

PS. What do you think of level-6? (Rendered in Marmoset)

Level 6 looks awesome !!!

@VoxelCubes, we should try to go over your migration issues as it should be mostly seamless :frowning:

Thanks @sebavan, :slight_smile: Level 6 is coming out this weekend.:slight_smile:

Regarding the migration, is it okay to drop you a message here in a few weeks about the issues I encounter? I will give it another try and hopefully, it doesn’t take my soul. :slight_smile:

Actually, most of the issues were Typescript based so I might need to go through the code class-by-class which might take a while but in any case, I will drop issues here if that is okay with you?


Please do! If this is Typescript, unfortunately, they do not respect backward compat as we do :frowning:

Thanks a lot @VoxelCubes

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@Deltakosh I suspect that might be the case(they do not respect backward compat as we do) right after I npm start after completing the migration. :slight_smile: I will definitely drop messages here as I really want to migrate the project to the latest BJS asap.

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