3D program for beginners

Hello there, maybe you will laugh at me but I would like to know whether there is some 3D program for beginners that doesn need hundreds of hours to learn.

I am quite decent programmer but I just cannot embrace Blender, I tried but it is so overwhelming that I just wasnt able to considering my available free time. I only need pretty simple low polygon models with simple animations but I cannot find any simple software to make it happen.

Right now I am creating my models procedurally and animating them procedurally too but it is really time consuming and need a lot of edit->f5->edit steps. I would be very happy with some simple software where I can make meshes from basic geometrics and rig them but I am afraid that there isnt something like that :frowning:

I was able to create sobe basic shapes in blender but only moving them around felt so ugly and difficult and almost impossible to do precise that I always ended up screwed not to mention that there are 99% of features that I just dont need to for my simple models.

Dont you know about some easiest soft that can export animated meshes in some format consumable by Babylon ?

Edit: I tried Babylon editor but there was only cube and sphere shape to use :frowning: no tube, lathe or polygon, that was too limiting.

Edit2: I mainly need characters and monster for RPG game. I can do architecture and nature procedural way, but it is difficult for living things.

Try either clara.io or https://www.sketchup.com/.

Clara.io has many tools, and SketchUp is good for modeling buildings. I have had collision issues when using SketchUp, so if you are planning on having collisions use Clara.io.

SketchUp and Clara.io both run on the web, but SketchUp can be downloaded.

I almost forgot to mention Blender. I have seen it used for modeling, and it has great animation tools. check out this. It was made and animated with Blender.

I hope that helps!