3dcommerce Mode in Babylon Viewer and Sandbox

Please correct me if I am wrong or missed something.

As far as I know 3dcommerce mode could be used in Babylon Viewer and Sandbox.

3dcommerce mode

  • enables alpha mask GLTF property
  • disable antialiasing
  • force SRGB buffers

Are the any other differences with the default mode which are worth to know?

ping @PatrickRyan

@labris, the big main things we had to do were disable Specular over alpha (which was on by default) and antialiasing since that was part of the certification process. We did leave on specular antialiasing and horizon occlusion even though they are not specified in certification. We also have spherical harmonics enabled and are using a linear tone mapping since the certification group has not landed on a decision about the tone mapping that the 3D commerce group will adopt as its standard.

Both of those last points will likely change in the future for V2 of the certification process from the discussions I have heard from the group in the past. I will also ping @bghgary and @thomlucc in case I missed anything.

We have this documented here: 3D Commerce Certified Viewer | Babylon.js Documentation

This is not technically part of the things you need to do. It’s just there to make the screenshots match the certification images better.


Thanks for all answers!