3DS Max camera exports incorrectly

After exporting from 3dsmax, the cameraview in Babylon is different from 3dsmax. It seems as if everything is a bit smaller, please help…

Here is the viewer and the 3dsmax 2019 file:

content.zip (740.0 KB)

Thank you in advance,

Are you sure the viewport and aspect ratio are the same?

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes aspect ratio and size are the same.

Pinging @Drigax

We have noticed that 3ds max camera scales on viewport width change and Babylon ArcRotate Camera on viewport height change. Is there any settings that will make the Babylon ArcRotate Camera behave like the 3ds max camera?

This is possible by setting:


Thanks for the FOVMODE, now it scales on resize just like 3ds max, however after setting it, the initial zoom is very different than 3ds max. The box is rendered much bigger now than in 3ds max even though view size and camera settings are the same, is there some other setting needed for the initial view to look the same as 3ds max ?

The exporter export the fov for a vertical fixed mode. So you should just need to convert it by setting camera.fov to the correct value

Thanks, you are truly a Sith Overlord… It worked perfectly :slight_smile: Thank you for your quick responses and help, amazing …

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