3ds max: Difficulty exporting multiple animation clips

Hi guys,

First post so hello and apologies if this has come up before. I thought what i was trying to do would be rather simple and is just a quick test to send a programmer using some keyframes on a box. I have 2 animations as keyframes on the timeline, i have separated out the clip times in the babylon.js animation groups and as far as i know this is all you need to do?

However when it opens in the sandbox i cannot select different animations and its just listed as 'all animations.

Can anyone help out where i am going wrong?



Hi @Ketts09

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Maybe @Drigax can help you with this issue.

Hi @Ketts09,

It looks like the clips are created properly, I think you may have missed setting which objects to be included in the clips via the “Add Viewport Selection” button.

Can you try selecting your animated cube, and adding it to both clips?

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Oh you legend. Thank you! Yes i needed to add them but then also confirm.

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