3DS max animation groups broken?

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We are experiencing some problems creating animation groups in 3DS and exporting them to Babylon. Essentially there is an error popping up when adding groups inside 3DS and then also the export of the animations doesn’t work. The same happens with older versions of Babylon and in 3DS 2021 and 2020. Here is a video of what happens. Does anyone else experience this or know what is going wrong?


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Just to add, we had this problem with an older version of Babylon but updating to the latest version still has the same problem

@Guillaume_Pelletier might be able to help on this one ?

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could you share project to reproduce?

Hi @Guillaume_Pelletier.

Any scene that we add animation groups to does this. In this example I just added a box to an empty scene and then tried to add animation groups. animation group on Vimeo

We get this same error on 3ds max 2020 and 2021 and on older versions of Babylon as well as newer versions. Do you or anyone else have this error with 3DS max and animation groups or does it work fine? It just seems odd that we get this error on all the workstations in our studio and with any version of 3DS and any version of Babylon.

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Well, i done the same process as in your video and I was not able to reproduce. Using the latest version of BabylonExporter and Max2021 (under win64). I’m agree something is wrong but i do not guess what for the moment. Did you test either on Mac And Windows ?

That is so weird. yes we use PC. Specifically the 3DS max version we are using is and the Babylon version is v20201012.1. But we did get this same problem on older versions of 3DS max and Babylon.

Do you know if there could be a problem writing the id when we save the animation group? Do you know where this gets saved?. Sometimes we can get the groups to work if we export to JSON files then re-import them.

I did not wrote this part at all, so i must dig inside to understand the details and give you trustable answer :-). i will let you know.

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Ah ace thank you